Stranger Things

Creating a fresh brand style for the launch of Stranger Things Season 3.

We were very excited to work with Netflix on this hugely popular brand. The challenge was to make it feel updated, fresh and on trend while maintaining its core DNA and creating something fans would relish.

Access to the script and costume design combined with our customary trend research enabled the team to produce a fantastic looking campaign that was true to the brand and a hit at retail, exceeding all expectations!

The reach of the designs we created stretched far and wide, across all key touch points from social to retail.

We’re all big fans of Stranger Things so we didn’t find hard to bring our favourite characters to life in a variety of creative styles. The result was a flexible set of assets that oozed the personality of the program that is so loved by fans.

A distinctive and vibrant brand treatment ensured a cohesive franchise launch while catering for all partner needs.

Our ability to execute a multi disciplined project exclusively in-house was key to the success of this work, enabling us to deliver a highly creative yet fundamentally commercial solution for the client and partners worldwide, across retail, product, marketing and online.

Working with the world’s biggest online streaming service on their most prestigious brand was a huge buzz for our pop culture hungry team!

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