Lego Star Wars

Creating LEGO Star Wars assets to keep the look fresh and dynamic for retail partners.

The saga section was developed alongside Lucas film to not only bolster a large back catalogue of LEGO Star Wars assets, but to celebrate the release of the new game.

Red Central were tasked with collaborating with the game developer and LEGO to develop graphics for the most immersive and concise LEGO Star Wars game ever made.

Red Central were working so far in advance of the game release it was a lot like working in a galaxy far, far away! This project was full of challenges like not knowing what the final game would look like while having to 'stay on target' to keep the look authentic to both LEGO and Star Wars.

The style guide is a mix of CG character art from the game and Star Wars inspired digital schematic art. Utilising this line art style was perfect for all of the ships and really showcased the incredible detail that goes into the each build.

We were also able to utilise our in house 3D capabilities to pose characters and ships. This enables us to get 100% accurate renders to illustrate from.

Utilising the supplied key art was a crucial part of this project. We only had one piece of art to work with so had to get creative in our approach.

The finished guide has been very well received and we look forward to collaborating further with both of these fun and inspiring brands.

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