Breaking Bad

Celebrating the show’s 10th Anniversary in a uniquely Breaking Bad style.

We’re huge fans, so when the call came for us to get involved in the 10th Anniversary of the show we were over the moon. We were asked to create 50 exclusive designs to form a core part of the celebration campaign for marketing, social media and more.

Our understanding of the key moments and tone of Breaking Bad combined with our knowledge of licensee needs was crucial to the task. This, together with our experience with marketing and social media, led us to create 50 unique and iconic graphics referencing recognisable stories from the show.

The range of illustration techniques and alternative styles was a sure fire hit for Sony Pictures.

The project delivered assets for many departments with multiple uses, and was marketed direct to the fans through the official Breaking Bad Instagram account. We also produced a video graphic countdown to the launch of the anniversary which perfectly peaked interest from fans of the show globally.

The appeal of the art spanned all age groups by successfully harnessing a variety of industry style trends.

On the other side of the campaign, the client was left with a large kit of graphic assets that could be used for consumer products, as well as a style guide that delivered the first new designs for Breaking Bad in five years. Two key deliverables, for the price of one.

The result, a global online marketing campaign that was loved by the show’s creator as well as its fans.

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