Major League Soccer

Giving MLS clubs a unique look for two holiday product launches.

In celebration of the 4th July and St Patrick’s Day holidays we created a bespoke look for each MLS clubs’ logo and graphic suite. To make these ‘special edition’ brand designs sing, we had to get to the core of what makes each club unique so that we could create assets that fans would relate to.

We tapped into fan favourites, statements, history, chants, rivalries and whatever the supporters are passionate about when it comes to their club. This resulted in exclusive designs that were right on the money for the league and reflected the individual ‘team stories’.

By collaborating with the MLS and each club’s fan base every step of the way, our work really connected.

Prior to our involvement seasonal designs were very clean, typographic and statement driven. We started with several rough concepts and then shaped each badge by working a unique illustration into it. This took time, but as with the players on the pitch, every bit of hard work paid off.

Our solutions complemented existing badge designs and built on their heritage, giving each one a meaningful twist.

We’re big sports fans so this piece of work was close to our hearts. Our team were passionate about making sure every one of the league’s 26 clubs was represented in a way they could be proud of.

These are the kind of projects that our research team thrives on. We got to know every club inside out.

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