Wizarding World

Capturing the imagination of fans of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts at all touch points.

Diving into the magical depths of the Wizarding World is always a thrill. Immersing ourselves in the extraordinary cast of characters and creatures, enchanting locations and esoteric artefacts has given us a depth of knowledge which, combined with our creative imagination, we have applied across multiple style guides, packaging and POS, product and marketing projects.

Creating style guides for both the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts film series involved many painstaking hours, delving into the detail of each movie to make sure that whatever we produced was authentic and unsurpassed, just like the franchise itself. We love every minute that we spend engrossed in these epic brands.

Nothing leaves our studio without being ‘passed’ by our fanatical in-house Wizarding World team!

We represented the movies across retail, marketing and products in groundbreaking ways, deploying innovative styles to appeal to every type of fan in the franchise’s broad audience.

Our Whimsical Witch junior collection featured playful graphics for young audience appeal.

We played a leading role in designing the core Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts global packaging and Point of sale guides which were in-store at the same time as key movie releases. The result was a compelling retail statement that was spellbindingly authentic and reflective of key storylines.

Our wizarding work can be seen around the globe, and has received top marks from both Warner Bros. and fan consumers of this magical franchise.

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