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The dream ticket. Working with the best entertainment brands and franchises around. Brands that we’re all huge fans of, and have idolised our whole lives.

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We’re seriously proud of the talent in our team. Red to the core, with outstanding skills and a vast array of interests, styles and personalities, everyone plays their part.

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Life at Red Central is packed full of fun as well as hard work, including socials, industry events and getting to know every atom of every franchise we work with. When we’re not out and about, we can be found nestled away in the English countryside in the beautiful converted barn that we call home. These rolling fields provide a calm backdrop to the frenetic pace of our work.

  • Red Central Studio


  • Managing Director + Founder

    Steve Pearce

  • Operations Director + Founder

    Gail Swann

  • Creative Director

    Alan Guest

  • Technical Director + Founder

    Marc Iserman

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